Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kid at Heart: Slinky!

A question: Who among us hasn't experienced hours upon hours of childhood fun with the deceptively simple slinky? Exactly. So please imagine my glee when I came back to the Hut after the weekend and discovered a brand new stack of slinkies just waiting to be played with! And not the re-vamped, brightly colored plastic slinky. Oh no my friends. This is the classic, collector's edition metal slinky. The metal slinky is superior for a myriad of reasons: The weight feels better in the hand, and also helps considerably with the "walking down stairs" trick. The sound is more satisfying, and in my experience the metal slinky is far less likely to become twisted than it's plastic counterpart. Plus I believe the classic slinky gets bonus points for sheer nostalgia. In all, a perfect toy for keeping on your desk to keep your hands occupied while your brain works, or maybe even send on a trip down the stairs once in a while, just for fun.

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