Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kid at Heart: Moon in my Room

I am a person who believes we could all use a little more whimsy in our decor. Sure, sophisticated, grown-up interior design is nice, but where's the fun? Yes, the grown up in me loves when the window treatment is the perfect blue to match the throw pillows, but the kid in me loves something silly and unexpected thrown in for some flavor. Which is why I'm completely tickled by the Moon in my Room from Uncle Milton. It offers a realistic three dimensional light up moonscape to mount on your wall, along with a remote control to manually move through 12 phases of the moon (or set it to automatic to just sit back and enjoy). It also comes with an audio CD full of interesting lunar factoids, so it's educational too. And if you're looking for some last minute Halloween party decor to keep your werewolf costumed buddies howling? This is just the thing.

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