Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kid at Heart: Day of the Dead/ Dia de los Muertos Paper Dolls

Halloween is coming up fast, and the hut is overflowing with ghosts, spiders, bats and rats in preparation for Sunday. Yes indeed, there is plenty of creepy, ghoulish fun going on around here, but what caught my eye recently wasn't any of our (completely awesome) Halloween toys. It was our new Day of the Dead/ Dia de los Muertos paper dolls from Dover. These skeleton dolls may look creepy at first blush, but in actuality the Mexican Day of the Dead isn't a spooky affair at all. Rather it's a day to honor departed loved ones and welcome them back to the realm of the living for the day, with music, picnics, and festivities. And these skull faced characters get dressed to the nines for the occasion!

The traditional Day of the Dead Catrina and Catrin come with a ton of super-snazzy ensembles, including traditional Aztec garb, a zoot suit, Mariachi clothing, even wedding day duds. They're vibrantly colored and completely funky and whimsical, (and okay, a little spooky) and I can't look at them without picturing them hanging out on a bulletin board in my apartment, or maybe stuck with magnets to my refrigerator. Bonus points to the stylish Catrina for even having a cute kitty to accompany her during the festivities!

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