Friday, October 15, 2010

What Natasha Wants to Buy

Movie Maker: The Ultimate Guide to Making Films Upstairs in our Fine Arts section

Ages 9+

This kit looks small from the outside (a great gift, they'll never guess! a nice souvenir, it packs well!) but it is chock full of cinematic goodness. It starts with a book that explains the basics of filmmaking terminology, setting up shots and lighting, as well as tips from the pros on making a film. But from there the kit just gets more awesome. It comes with a working clapper-board/chalkboard, a fill-in storyboard, a CD of sound effects, props like push-out mustaches and tattoo stickers, and animation aids like a push-out studio set and characters. PLUS, everything you need for premier night from push-out tickets to a poster template. Get this for the next Maya Deren or Ingmar Bergman in your life!

Richard Scarry's Busytown Eye Found It Board Game Upstairs on the Games Wall

Ages 3+

We've actually had this in before, but we sold them so fast I didn't get much chance to drool over them! But now they're back and I WANT TO PLAY! You pick a car, truck or thing that goes, and move along the board spying various Busytown characters and items to advance.

Alphabeasties sticker set
Upstairs in our Activities Section


Ages 4+

The stickers alone in this mega-activity book are tempting. But add the many pages of glorious typographical coloring and games and this is an awesome, beautiful and crafty boredom buster.

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