Friday, April 2, 2010

Booksellers and bloggers with a sense of humor...(Come sit by me!)

As Curious George is a member of New England Independent Booksellers Association ("NEIBA", and its children's division, NECBA), I am privy to daily e-mails that share reviews, customer queries, and the like from the always informative, frequently hilarious children's booksellers of the region. (Hello friends!)

My current favorite find from NEIBA-friends is the Most Overused Children's Book Plots from Parent Dish. For anyone who has ever spent even a single evening with a preschooler, this humorous list is certainly refreshing...and on target. I'm sure we could all come up a few more story lines we could live without reading again at bedtime. (This goes for grown up books as well as picture books!). But I will admit, I wouldn't mind taking a look at I Love You Like Snuggleblossoms, Baby Poison Dart Frog...

Just look at him! Now, just imagine that title illustrated by Jarrett Krosoczka or Christopher Wormell... (tee hee hee)

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