Thursday, April 15, 2010

Stuff Natasha Wants to Buy!

It's so beautiful outside today, but even the nicest days need awesome adventuring accessories, or at least art supplies to immortalize the beautiful sites of the city transforming into spring!

My Adventure Pack: Pirate
$35.95, upstairs near the Hut

Okay, this just came in today and I about PASSED OUT from the sheer AWESOMENESS. This small messenger bag not only comes adorned with a sweet and totally hardcore Jolly Roger, it also comes with treasure maps you can color and design yourself inside, BUT...drum roll please...the shoulder strap comes complete with a velcro parrot! So Polly can perch on your shoulder for pure pirate adventuring. No pirate should leave home without this awesome adventure bag...

Land + Air + Water: Triptych Journal
$14.95, in the Chapter Book Room
This adorable journal set comes from one of my favorite illustrators, Susie Ghahremani. You unfold this little plastic case like a wallet to expose three different journals with three different designs on the outside. The inside of the journals have hand drawn lines for a cutesy feel. Two of the journals are lined and the third is grid paper.

Just Art Set
$19.95, Downstairs Craft Room
This art set has it all: 18 colored pencils, 12 oil pastels, 8 watercolor cakes and 1 each; paintbrush, sharpener, eraser. The outside is a great kraft paper material so you can decorate it yourself!

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