Friday, April 23, 2010

Never enough rotund babies!

Whoever at Sterling Publishing is reviving more and more Gyo Fujikawa picture books, wherever you may be, know that you are loved and appreciated and praised to the high ceilings of Curious George. I can't get enough of her rotund, cheerful babies. And fuzzy, rotund creatures. And soft grass and squishy mud puddles. And did I mention the rotundness?

Look at these wee board books that have just come in, and now make their home beside long-time favorites Babies and Baby Animal Families and Baby Animals....

Let's Play!
Puppies, Pussycats, and Other Friends

You won't even need Cute Overload with Gyo Fujikawa books around, but maybe you will want a wee (plushie?) bunny around to squeeze...

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