Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Stuff Natasha Wants to Buy!

Happy Earth Day! Katie has been cooking up a super-sweet Earth Day post, so none of this stuff is explicitly green, but I still think it's pretty earth friendly. Each of these toys invites you to use stuff you already have around the house to have even more fun with them. Enjoy!

Cardboard House Kit by Calafant
Downstairs in the Art Room, $8.95

This little cottage is my favorite of a new crop of awesome German imports we've gotten in the story. There's not just a house, but also a T-Rex, a fire engine, and lots more. These flat cardboard pieces (great for traveling) are white and color-able. You can design your own house, by choosing your favorite colors, and when you're done, build it up and start your own doll village!

Sock Monkey and Friends
Downstairs in the Art Room, $17.99

This kit has everything you need to get started on making your own Sock Monkeys and monkey-friends. The instructions in this book are simple to follow, a fun way to learn basic sewing skills, and a fun craft that you could use to re-purpose old socks and fabrics laying around the house. There are some really clever designs in here, at all levels of difficulties, from a cute squirrel and bunny to a wee little wise owl. Too cute!

Scribble It! 30 Postcards by (you and) Taro Gomi
Downstairs in the Chapter Book Room, $9.95

A great way to keep in touch with friends and be creative, this small book of 30 postcards has a minimal black and white line illustration by Taro Gomi, and a prompt for you to finish it. For example, on one postcard, there's a boy with a leash, and you're supposed to fill in what kind of pet the boy has. Then tear out your magnificent creation, stamp it, and send it off! The paper is great quality, and crayons, pencils, markers and pens would all work well on it.

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