Thursday, February 11, 2010

Three things to get excited about!

Okay, so the "blizzard" which had Boston in a panic yesterday was a complete flop. Almost everybody got a snow day anyway, but there was hardly any snow, and you know what that means -- no sledding, no snowmen, and no snowballs. As a California native, I was quite disappointed after patiently waiting for feet and feet of snow.

However, three items of good news lifted my spirits!

The title and cover of the new Hunger Games sequel (book #3) have been announced! Of course, now the wait until its middle of August pub date will seem even longer, but hooray for Mockingjay! I'm stoked to find out how Katniss and co. bring down the Capitol.

Speaking of long waits, I haven't even been whining about how long I've been waiting for the new Neil Gaiman book. Aren't you proud? The incredible Charles Vess has illustrated Mr. G's poem "Instructions" (as in, instructions on how to survive a fairy tale); the picture book will be released in late April. That's only two-ish more months to go. I suppose I'll survive.

Last but by no means least, our Sunday Love Valentine's Day party is THIS SUNDAY, the 14th, at 1 pm! Come in and warm your heart with Alison Paul's sweet love story, criminally fun crafts and activities, and a sundae courtesy of our friends at Uno. Now that's something worth waiting for!

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