Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Post-Valentine's Post

Happy school vacation! Don't forget to pick up some comfort snowed-in reading - those spring new titles are already coming our way...we've got all kinds of genres from Erin Hunter's latest Seekers installment, The Last Wilderness and Jeff Stone's newest of the Five Ancestors series, Dragon, to Elizabeth Eulberg's teen romance The Lonely Hearts Club and native Cantabrigian Kathryn Lasky's Ashes, set in Germany during WWII. And of course, if you haven't read him yet and want to be an informed movie-goer, there's always Percy Jackson...

Thank you everyone who came out for Alison Paul (and ice cream sundaes!) on Sunday! We sure had lots of fun and it looked, sounded, and smelled (mmm, the scent of hot fudge on sticky little fingers) like you guys did too! I saw some intimidating burglar masks and hilarious Polaroid mug shots - and best of all, some gorgeously delicious, heavily decorated ice cream sundaes. We'll have pictures up here and on our Facebook in a few days if you want to relive the fun, or if you sadly had to miss it.

Last bit of news to look out for: we'll be announcing the guidelines and deadline for our annual art and writing contests in a few weeks, we hope you're working on your masterpieces!

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