Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Rachel Wants to Buy This Week - Episode 28

There's a bunch of cool stuff this week, and also an awesome new feature--our resident shipping room king/epic doodler of post-it notes/webmaster has taught me how to put the things I want to buy up on our website, so that even if you're reading this from outside Boston, you can pick up featured items from our store online! I retroactively linked a few items from the last few weeks' posts to get the hang of it, but from now on it will be a regular feature! So if you see something in my posts that you like, just click the picture to order it via our website!

And now, without further ado, this week's choices:

Confetti Glitter Ball by Decor Craft Inc
Located in the Hello Kitty display

The general consensus around the store is that these big bouncy balls are made of AWESOME. They have a nice size and heft to them, big enough that they're pretty easy to catch or juggle or bounce without them going wild, and they're filled with a neon rainbow of delightful round sprinkles suspended in liquid, rather like a snow globe. The effect of all those multicolored sprinkles floating around as the ball bounces or gets thrown around is mesmerizing! This is the perfect item to focus and entertain anyone with a short attention span (namely me, as usual) who likes bright colors.

Hink Pink by Discovery Bay Games
Located downstairs in the Chapter Book Room

This game caught my attention because of the weird shape of the box--kind of like a chess piece mixed with a very small guitar case--but it kept my attention because it sounds extremely fun. A Hink Pink is a word riddle answered with a pair of rhyming words, and in this party game players give their teammates riddle clues as teams try to guess as many 1-, 2- or 3-syllable Hink Pinks as possible. It's a fun portable shape, it sounds like a hilarious time, and it sounds like the kind of thing my friends and I might just make up on our own, all of which guarantee it'll be a hit in my apartment, and in lots of other places too!

What Michelle Wants This Week:

3-Headed Dragon Puppet by Folkmanis
Located on the Puppet Tree

Our GM extraordinaire, Michelle, pointed this awesome puppet out to me as her must-have item this week--and I completely agree! Equipped with interestingly textured wings, three cute/scary heads with snake tongues and T-rex-ish arms, this puppet uses all five fingers to make fun varied movement. (Michelle wishes it also came with the random bones scattered around the rocky landscape in Folkmanis's photo, but sadly bones are not included.) This item isn't going up on our website, because we've only got two in stock--but if you've just gotta have one, come on in or order by phone (617.498.0062)!

That's it for this week--and that's plenty! Don't forget to check out the new online buying feature, and I'll see you next time!

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