Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rompin' wrap up, building libraries, and general feel good karmic joy...

Last Sunday Donna, our book buyer, and I had the privilege of being the booksellers at Reach Out and Read's 6th annual Read and Romp: a wild tour through kids' favorite story books. There were storybook stations for classics like The Runaway Bunny, where kids could hold baby bunnies, and new favorites like Fancy Nancy, which had a great selection of dress-up. It was astoundingly organized, and so much fun! We're very grateful to the nice folks who invited us and took great care of us (thanks, Jackie and Abbie!) - their director of communications, Matt, even offered to give those of us who are less than tech-savvy a lesson in Twitter! You can look on their website for ways to help out: donating books, money, or your time as a volunteer.

We met Norman Bridwell and his BIG creation, Clifford.

Cheeky monkey, flaunting his own books.

George takes a nibble of Mouse's cookie.

We're also working with Learning Through Libraries, a student coalition at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, which is collecting books for poor communities and schools in El Salvador. We have a drop box for donations in the store, and English/Spanish books or learning games are welcome! (I've got my eye on those beautiful bilingual fairy tales from Chronicle!).

And while we're talking good karma, don't forget Toys for Tots! They have plenty of drop off stations in the neighborhood.


Julia Denos said...

Between George stealing Mouse's cookie, bunnies in blankets and Norman Bridwell, I can't handle the cuteness! What a cool event.

Anonymous said...

I love that George and Mouse look like a couple of academics sitting around talking at a conference.