Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What Rachel Wants For Chrismukah

The winter holidays are fast approaching, and that means it's time for making lists! Since I'm one of those lucky children of a Catholic mom and Jewish dad, I've always gotten presents for Christmas and Chanukah--so here's episode one of my holiday wishes!

Christmas Mice Beanbags by Gund
$4.95 each
Located around the Hut and at the downstairs register

Gund never ceases to make me squeal with their cute holiday beanbag critters, no matter what holiday is approaching, and Christmas is no exception! This year we've got these adorable stripey beanbag mice, with cute corduroy tails and little felt feet and ears. They remind me of Mew, the Muppet catnip mouse in one of my fave Christmas movies ever, The Christmas Toy. They make a great stocking gift or table accent, either separately or as a set, and could even be super-adorable juggling bags if you really want to show off your skillz at your holiday gathering. ;)

Beeswax Chanukah Candles by Rite Lite
Located near the stairs

Maybe it's a little boring to want candles for Chanukah, but the giant tub of candles I bought several years ago is finally running low--and it's probably time to try something new anyway, since the ones I've been using every year tend to melt into bizarre shapes, then fall over and light each other dramatically on fire. It's fun to watch, but a pain to clean up all the wax everywhere later. Of course, I'm not one to go with generic or boring candles--and why would I, when we have beeswax candles here at Curious George? They come in a cool wooden container of 45 candles, they smell lovely even through the plastic shrink-wrap they're packed in, and the texture is visually appealing. I can't wait to have myself eight evenings of natural honey-smelling goodness!

Food Face Dinner Plate by Fred
Located near the Baby Room, in the food corner

I spotted this as I was straightening things up just a few hours ago, and had to add it to my holiday wish list. My mom used to arrange my food into faces all the time, and sometimes I still do it myself, so this quirky plate is perfect for mealtimes in my apartment. ;) The FRED website assures that the plate is food-safe and made of hotel quality ceramic, so no worries on that front, and it comes nicely boxed to keep it safe on its way from us to your kitchen, whether you come in or order online!

That's it for this special holiday episode--see you on the flip side!

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