Thursday, July 23, 2009

What Rachel Wants to Buy This Week - Episode 16

I've got two cool items from the same manufacturer this week, because they're shiny and new and really cool.

Post-consumer Material Zipper Bags by Blue Q
Located on the front of the Hut

Keeping in line with the latest environmental trends, these bags are made with 95% post-consumer material--recyclable plastic like soda and water bottles gets melted down and woven into durable fabric, which then gets printed with fun graphics and turned into these awesome bags! My personal favorite is the one pictured here, "Don't Make Me Stop This Car." I just find the image of two bunny parents and about a dozen bunny children stuffed into one station wagon so hilarious! There are other great designs too, and other sizes of bags too; we've got small tote bags and zipper coin purses in addition to this medium-sized clutch pouch. They're cute, a little retro, practical, and 1% of proceeds go towards environmental initiatives--how could I possibly resist?

Stainless Steel Water Bottle by Blue Q
Located on the end of the Hello Kitty table

I've been re-using the same plastic water bottle for two weeks now, and it's making me think that perhaps I should get a bottle that's meant to be re-used. Our brand new Blue Q bottles serves just perfectly! The cap screws on tightly, so no worries about leaks, and the graphics are awesome. My favorite is the one pictured, the "I Heart Water" bottle. It's also a nice middle size (20 oz), easy to fit in a bag or a backpack. To top it all off, as with the zipper bags above, 1% of all proceeds are donated to environmental initiatives. Go Blue Q! I love your stuff!

That's a wrap--see you next time.

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