Sunday, July 12, 2009

What Rachel Wants to Buy This Week - Episode 14

There's no real theme to my choices this week--unless "awesome things" counts as a theme!

Wooden Boulder Blocks by Decor Craft Inc.
Located on the Game Wall

If you read my posts regularly, you might have noticed that I love innovative blocks. Here's another fantastic example: rock-shaped blocks! My first thought when I saw these a few days ago was "wow, now I can build Stonehenge!" Okay, maybe not everyone wants to recreate ancient stone ruins, but there's still a billion fun possibilities with blocks that look like boulders and stack in crazy ways.

Ribbons Hanging Photo Holder by Cupcakes and Cartwheels
Located in the Chapter Book Room on the Klutz wall

Summer is always full of photo-taking opportunities; vacations, fun events with friends, holidays and get the idea. This snazzy photo holder is the perfect way to commemorate the fun times of summer with snapshots, ticket stubs, letters, and whatever other bits of ephemera accompany your journeys! I know I've always saved everything--even the luggage tags from overseas trips--and I'm always on the hunt for a good place to put that stuff. The best part about this photo holder, though, is that both sides are clear, so you can pack those memories in and alternate sides whenever you feel like a change!

Acoustic Top (aka "Akustik Kreisel") by Bolz
Located in the Baby Room

Fellow Curious George bookseller Anne brought this amazing top to my attention just a moment ago, and I feel compelled to included it in this week's episode. At first glance, it's just a big stationary top--the kind that sticks to the floor or table with a suction cup on the bottom, and you pump the spindle-y thing to make the top spin in place. This one, though, is quite spectacular. Slowly the train starts to move around the track; a little stop sign lifts out of the way as it passes. If you're persistent with your spinning, a train whistle sounds, and then you hear the trusty "chugga chuggas" and "ding ding dings" of a railroad experience! It's surprising, delightful, and of course brightly colored. A fantastic toy! Thanks for pointing it out, Anne!

That's it for now...see you next time!

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