Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Rachel Wants to Buy This Week - Episode 8

This week I'm finding myself drawn to small and portable items--just the sort of thing to bring along with you when you're traveling, which I do a lot in May!

Flexi-Sphere by Schylling
Ages 8+

Nothing alleviates the tedium of a long drive or flight like this nifty thing--cleverly arranged wire loops can be pushed and pulled to make a variety of pleasing shapes, ensuring that your hands will always be occupied. I can't wait to bring one on my travels with me this month to keep me entertained--except for when I'm reading, of course.

Hand-Knitted Finger Puppets by Plum
Located upstairs on the Hut

The fact that these puppets are hand-knitted is not only impressive (I can crochet almost anything, but knitting is beyond my capability) but also gives them character! No two are alike, but my favorites are the colorful fish and the giraffe with a super-long neck that's partway stuffed to give it support above the end of your finger. The openings for your finger to go in are of varying size, so there's bound to be one of a perfect fit for every finger!

That's it for this week--see you next time!

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