Friday, May 15, 2009

The results are in! 2009 art and writing contest winners...

As you can see over on our contest blog, the results of our annual art and writing contests are in! We will have the texts and artwork posted on the contest blog and hung in the store shortly.

Here are our very talented winners...

Art Contest

Ages 5 -7

1st place: Natalie Holton
2nd place: Tess Walsh
3rd place: Grace Broughton
Honorable mention: Benjamin Wong

Ages 8-10

1st place: Bennett Graff
2nd place: Abigail Dickson
3rd place: Valerie Dubinsky
Honorable mention: Gwyneth Bechunas

Ages 11-13

1st place: Claire Dickson
2nd place: Eleanor Holton

Writing Contest

Ages 5-7

1st place: Yasmine Aoua
2nd place: Tess Walsh
3rd place: Grace Broughton

Ages 8-10

1st place: Sophie Culpepper
2nd place: Tim Lee
3rd place: Coby Gray
Honorable mention: Magnus Aske

Ages 11-13

1st place: Margaret Shea
2nd place: Francis Corvino
3rd place: Chhoyang Cheshatsang
Honorable mention: Claire Dickson

Winners will receive a congratulatory postcard in the mail. Gift certificates can be picked up in the store. Congratulations, and thanks to everyone who valiantly submitted their work!

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