Sunday, May 10, 2009

What Rachel Wants to Buy This Week - Episode 7

It's one of those days where I feel like doing something creative, but not something from scratch--hence this week's crafty kit shopping desires!

Create a Night Sky Projection Kit by Kidz Labs
Ages 8+, requires batteries.
Located downstairs in the Chapter Book Room

Though this kit isn't the traditional sort of crafty, it does require a little hand-eye coordination and patience--but the effort certainly pays off! After you've punched holes for stars in these constellation charts and assembled them into a dome, just set the dome on the base and flip the switch, and you've got an awesome star chart projection that could easily double as a nightlight. The kit comes with both Northern and Southern Hemisphere star charts, and an especially eager crafter could use the provided paper domes as a pattern to make their own cardboard constellations!

Paint a Paper Lantern by Alex
Ages 7+, requires batteries
Located downstairs in the Art Room

For another creative way to light up a room, try this fantastic kit--it comes with everything you need, including a Chinese calligraphy guide and sumi-e style bamboo brushes to add to the fun. Painting anything three-dimensional is always more fun than just painting paper, and when you're finished, you have a fantastic decoration for a bedroom or desk.

That's it for this week--see you next time for another installment of shopping whimsy.

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