Friday, May 22, 2009

A hodge podge of art, adventure, vampires, and pleas for love...(just a day in the life)

We are pleased to bring you the incredible masterpieces that took the cake in our art and writing contests! Pop on over to our very own contest blog and peruse the stories, poems, essays, paintings and drawings as you like.

While you're surfing around on the interwebs, be sure to vote for us as Best Boston Bookstore for Nickelodeon's Parents' Picks! Pretty please!

In other exciting news, we have all the latest installments of your favorite series in, so stock up on your summer reading! Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson series wraps up with book number 5, The Last Olympian (or does it?). Michael Scott continues the Secrets of Nicholas Flamel in Sorceress, and D.J. MacHale's Pendragon ends with the tenth volume, Soldiers of Halla. At least there are the prequel books, Travelers: Before the War, to aid in the weaning process there. Now that these series are coming to a close, what new books do you think will take their place as the most sought after adventure tales?

When it comes to sought after books, we couldn't leave out the immortal teen vampire and zombie fantasies. Fellow bloggette Katie has written some great posts with suggestions for what next to sink your teeth into, but every week seems to bring in even more! Catherine Jinks puts a spin on the vamp camp with The Reformed Vampire Support Group, about vampires trying to control their urges and assimilate into society even while a suspiciously vampy murder hits the town. Our third bloggette Rachel, has this to say of another new title, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, by Carrie Ryan: "Mary has always lived in the village, where the Sisterhood makes the rules and the Guardians watch the borders. When the Unconsecrated invade, infecting anyone they can catch, Mary must defy what she’s been taught to escape and find the truth. You won’t be able to put this gripping read down!"

Of course, we do have plenty more choices than action adventure or vampire romance in our chapter books, so if those genres aren't your cup of tea for summer reading, come see what else we have!

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