Monday, January 19, 2009

Sure, it's a blog... but it's so much more.

You may have noticed that our latest blog posts have been even more linkeriffic than past ones. Our awesome receiver John has been holed up in the Vault making website magic; now you can order the books and products we recommend directly from the blog! Clicking these links will take you to our website where you can shop online. We ship world-wide at standard shipping rates (and John is super-speedy at getting packages ready to go). You can also always order by calling us at 617-498-0062 for the added bonus of our charming phone demeanors.

Speaking of orders... Did you know that you can special order just about any in-print book from us and it will usually arrive within a week? While we pride ourselves (and we're constantly complimented) on our huge selection of children's fiction and nonfiction, it's impossible to keep everyone's favorite on the shelf at all times. We're happy to order books especially for you at no extra cost, and most will arrive at the store in a matter of days.

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