Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Celeb Sightings and Signings, plus a Kids ♥ Authors update

I must have jinxed us last week with that snow post--sorry, folks. I hope you are wearing your slush-proof boots and Robert Munsch-style snowsuits!

I have some celebrity news, which will hopefully cheer even those with frozen fingertips.

David Yoo stopped by last week to sign his newest YA novel, Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before. In the few minutes we chatted (he was double-parked, naughty man), we talked books, Kids Heart Authors Day, and sighed over the wonder that is the Horn Book. Andover Bookstore is lucky to have such a friendly fellow coming for their Valentine's celebration, so if you're up in the northshore area come that Saturday, check him out, if of course, you are totally unable to come to ours! We can only hope that he will come back and do something with us soon.

Just this morning, Timothy Basil Ering popped in, blizzard be darned! You may remember Mr. Ering from our part of Harvard Square's Bookish Ball last April. Unfortunately, he did not read to us, but at least he signed copies of Necks Out for Adventure! and Frog Belly Rat Bone and talked about how wonderfully surprising and amazing the success of The Tale of Despereaux is. (We are not surprised, Ering's quirky illustrations and DiCamillo's heartwarming, fun-filled writing is certainly a winning combination...ahem, 2003 Newbery). He's yet another super friendly, super local author/illustrator, let's hope he gives us more great books and visits!

I have some more news about our guests and events for Kids Heart Authors Day! We have the extra pleasure of hosting Mary Brigid Barrett, in addition to Grace Lin, Laya Steinberg, and Nancy Viau. Barrett is the President, Founder, and Executive Director of the National Children's Book and Literary Alliance, the group which recently gave us Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out. These authors will be in the store from 10 am to 12 pm on Valentine's Day, Saturday February 14th, signing, talking writing and illustrating, and leading activities. Bring along your valentines of any age to share in some reading love!

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