Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Your World

Oh, pinch me. It has finally happened: He is Mr. President. Our incredible book buyer, Donna, sent us staffers over to Cardullo's and Harvard Book Store to peek over shoulders and cheer alongside our neighbors during the oaths and speeches. (This image of three little monkeys is also on the front page of the Cambridge Chronicle!) I can't say enough how lovely this community is.

If you still haven't gotten your Barack Obama books or paper dolls for your inauguration party (or general home decoration...), please come on over! We have a particularly festive window displaying some of our favorite titles about Obama, Lincoln, and the history of the Presidency, and, as you may have seen in Rachel's great post, presidential books for all ages in the front of the store on the new titles spinner. We had a little run on Kadir Nelson's Change Has Come this afternoon, and rightly so, it is such a beautiful, spare book.

Speaking of windows....can you spot Curious George in the New York Times' album of reader photos from this historic weekend? (Hint: it was added Tuesday at about 1 pm.) If only they had also taken a picture of our red, white, and blue-bunting-festooned panda!

You may be asking yourself the same question we CG folks are all asking now...why doesn't Karen Tack's Hello Cupcake have instructions for Barack-cakes? If anyone has attempted any, please do send us photos! Or actual cupcakes, those are acceptable, too.

Coming soon to a George blog near you: our favorite picks for snow books!

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