Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Book news is good news

In the past few weeks we've gotten back in a handful of titles we've been pining for - and it looks like plenty of other people were pining too!

In the world-o-Lego, the popular sticker book Lego Minifigurine is back in stock and selling like...Lego sticker books do! I got this for my nephew's 4th birthday and he and his brother stopped the mad wrapping tearing to look at every page. Lego folks know how to make their sticker books for sure. For the Star Wars uber-fan, Lego has brought back the Lego Star Wars Visual Dictionary, with Luke Skywalker figurine. We've had the regular LSWVD in stock, but that little Luke makes a big difference to your big (or little) SW fan. (Those nephews obsessed with the Lego sticker book? Their pop is even more obsessed with Star Wars, and I'm already planning his November birthday present from here).

Other spring picture book favorites have also reappeared on our shelves. The goofy Bear in Underwear by Todd Doodler is living a second life (more fruitful than Bree Tanner's) on our features table, complete with the squishy underpants on the cover. I personally find it bit bizarre that these animals happen upon a bag full of underpants. Doesn't anyone else want to know where these underpants came from? I can only hope for a prequel.

The staff favorite Around the World with Mouk by Marc Boutavant has also come back in, providing colorful, reusable sticker joy to all. I love to give this book to anyone who loves Hello Kitty or Fancy Nancy, but may want to branch out from pink princess books. The tiny animals and conversation bubbles on every page are great for kids who pore over hidden picture books as well.

Another recent re-acquisition is my personal favorite of the year, A Sick Day for Amos McGee by Philip Stead, a tale about a zookeeper with a cold being taken care of by his animal friends. Look for the penguin's red balloon on every page!

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