Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stretch like a giraffe, roar like a lion, and flap like a butterfly!

On Saturday, July 10, yoga instructor and author of My First Yoga: Animal Poses ABBIE DAVIES will lead a yoga workshop appropriate for toddlers/pre-K and up. Kids will use shapes inspired by animals to stretch and strengthen their bodies while they focus their minds. (Think she'll let us grown-ups join in?) She'll also sign copies of the book!

More information on Abbie and the My First Yoga program is available at From there you can learn about the yoga curriculum for kids Abbie developed, see upcoming classes for kids, find training workshops for adults interested in teaching My First Yoga classes, and even download an Animal Poses iPhone app!

(If you want to practice at home before or after the workshop, or if you'd like to have a pint-sized yoga mat for class, make sure to check out the WaiLana Little Yogis line upstairs!)

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