Monday, June 28, 2010

I guess you win some and you lose some.

OH, NO. I am trying to be mature about this, but Miley Cyrus as protagonist Janie in the Wake trilogy adaptation? I may cry. (Or, as I just told Miruna as I whined about this casting possibility, throw up.) Here's my staff pick for the trilogy:
Janie’s ability to dreamwalk is a dark secret; her new friendship with Cabel provides much-needed comfort. When the police recruit the two for undercover missions, though, the stakes quickly become high. Unexpected dangers threaten Janie’s health, their blossoming romance, and even their lives.
It's an awesome supernatural romance YA series. They're also dark, serious books, dealing with difficult subjects like abuse, alcoholism, and the process of learning to trust and love another person when you've only been able to rely on yourself. Am I wrong to question whether Miley Cyrus, aka "Hannah Montana", singer of "Can't Be Tamed," has the necessary depth to play tortured Janie? Maybe I just don't have an eye for young talent.

On the other hand, oh, yes, we are already crazy fans of It's a Book, the new Lane Smith pubbing at the end of August. Really, who doesn't love Lane Smith? And he's more brilliant than ever in this subversive picture book, which hilariously lauds the power of books in our hyper-technological era. Here's the book trailer:

The trailer, as good trailers are supposed to do, actually leaves out the best stuff, but as we received an ARC I can tell you to expect great things!

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