Monday, March 15, 2010

Curious George Sees the World

...well, not exactly, but merchandise buyer Ellen has made some awesome new finds lately that span the globe!

We've been expanding our foreign language section to include even more fun multilingual resources. Little Pim offers a great new line of foreign language learning tools for babies on up. Kids speaking their first language with adorable panda Little Pim himself share everyday vocabulary and phrases. We have several levels of Spanish, French, and Chinese DVDs, flash cards, and even catchy pop music!

Putumayo Kids CDs feature fun children's music from around the world. Latin Playground, World Playground, and Celtic Dreamland are just a few of our many selections. French Playground has been on heavy rotation on the Hut's stereo -- check out our pirate-inspired favorite track "Croque" by Thomas Fersen. (Michelle objects to my use of the adjective "pirate-inspired" and says it's instead "Fiddler on the Roof-y." I humbly submit "klezmer-inspired" as an alternative.)

I'm most excited about our new WaiLana Little Yogis items: kid-sized, eco-friendly yoga mats, inflatable yoga balls, and even a full yoga kit with mat, carrying bag, instructional DVD, and pose poster.

Best of all, these are perfect activities for rainy days indoors when your little ones (and yourself) are bouncing off the walls!

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