Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A true monkey always monkeying around

Ever wondered what kind of hijinks go on behind the scenes in Curious George? Here's a taste of our monkey business...

Can you find George??

Our book buyer, Donna, likes to hide a George figurine around the store...and we would hide it in her office after she'd left for the day, until she decided to glue it in place!

There he is! Just look at his coy stance and sassy cowlick...

Spring is here, and that means, so are tiny chenille chicks! Unfortunately, some of them get a bit manhandled (chicken-handled?) and they go to this Elysian Field behind the counter.

Maybe someday we'll do a photo log Day in the Life - complete with a Book Crate Dance - and I can only hope that it would reach the fame (and utter awesomeness) of last year's SLJ's Battle of the Book's Katniss rap. (FYI, this year's Battle of the Kids' Books is just entering round two. I can't wait to see The Storm in the Barn vs Tales from Outer Suburbia!)

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