Sunday, June 7, 2009

What Rachel Wants to Buy This Week - Episode 10

With the Triple Crown over for another year, I've got horses on the brain--so of course this week's virtual window shopping is equestrian themed!

Mini Whinnies Mustangs by Breyer
Located on the Hut

As a longtime horse lover, I've accumulated probably hundreds of Breyer model horses, of all shapes and sizes--but this tiny set, painted with the same care as the larger models, is pretty new to me. We've got Mustangs, Gaited Horses and Draft Horses here at the store, but the Mustangs are my favorite. The six horses in dramatic action poses are only an inch or two in length, and come packed in a handy purse-like carrying case with clear sides to show them off. It's exactly the sort of thing I would have carried with me everywhere as a child to keep me entertained in restaurants and at bathtime, and definitely the sort of thing I'd display all over my bookshelves at home now, and play with whenever I needed a break. Of course, the small horses also come with a small, allowance-sized price tag, which is motivation enough for me!

The Black Stallion by Walter Farley
Located downstairs in the Chapter Book Room

Just about everyone who loves horses has read this book--but the great thing about this edition from Random House is that it brought back the cover (quite striking, if I do say so myself) and interior illustrations by Keith Ward from the original 1941 edition. It's a beautiful hardcover, and a great gift for any horse lover to add to their library--or for a budding equestrian to read for the first time.

That's it for this week--see you next time!

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