Saturday, June 20, 2009

Do, do do, do do, do do... summer readin'

Ah, summer. Time for sprinklers and sparklers and, of course, summer reading lists. Whether you're already gearing up for fall classes (eek -- say it ain't so!) or just loungin' poolside, now's a great time to break out those lists.

Your local library will be a hotspot of reading activity over the summer, with reading lists, incentive programs, activities, and events to keep kiddos bookishly busy. The Cambridge Public Library has a Summer Reading Program for kids of all ages. The Brookline Public Library, where I volunteer one day a week, has both a kid's program called Starship Adventure and a Teen Summer "Express Yourself" program -- which I'm excited to help with! Hello Cupcake decorating? Hello, I am so there.

The BPL has a compilation of local schools' reading lists posted on their website, which is downloadable as a PDF for your printing convenience. If you or your kiddo were a little less than punctual returning books last summer -- and believe me, as someone who averages 30-40 items checked out at once from my library, I don't judge -- you may be worried about returning to the library this year. Luckily, last fall the BPL forgave all debt owed in fines by kids, up through high school seniors! If you've been a stellar patron since then (or if you've been avoiding the library with chagrin), you're good to go.

I know it's hard to return a library book on time when it's become a favorite, or when you just haven't gotten to it yet but you know you'll love it once you do. Then it's a perfect time to come into your local independent children's bookstore (nudge nudge) and take those titles home with you! Whether you're looking for a title from a school or library reading list, an old favorite you're replacing because it went back to the library or got read to pieces, or something new and exciting for beach reading (or by-flashlight summer storm reading), we're happy to help you find it.

We're also working on some reading programs of our own, including book clubs and kid reviews. PLEASE feel free to give us suggestions here, at our Facebook page, in the store, or by carrier Pigeon. (Be sure to outfit him with aviator cap, scarf, and ginormous goggles for those giant peepers before sending him on a mission, though -- safety first!) You can also email us a link to your child's summer reading list.

We want to know what kinds of activities and events you want to see at Curious George!

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