Monday, June 15, 2009

The Pigeon wants a puppy! Puppy-dog pairings

This morning, cutting across the dog park on the way to the bus stop, I saw an adorable Australian Shepherd who inspired a fit of profound puppy-envy. Apartment living is great for my kitty, but I have a feeling a dog wouldn't be so thrilled by it! I may opt for this little guy:

Luckily, if you too have wanted a puppy "forever -- at least since last Tuesday," the George has lots of puppy plush and books that won't dig holes in the yard, chew on your shoes, or have an "accident" on Grandma's Persian carpet.

The Obamas wanted a puppy! And they got one, but it took a long time and a lot of searching to find the right one. Both Now Hiring: White House Dog by Gina Lehner Bazer and Which Puppy? by Kate Feiffer portray the Obamas' search for the perfect pooch with wit and warmth. Pair either with a Douglas Cuddle Portugese Water Dog and you have a present fit for a First Daughter!

My favorite pet book of all time, Peter McCarty's Hondo and Fabian, features a cat and dog combo which is not to be missed! While their owners take doggie Hondo to the beach -- the "cat's away," so to speak -- kitty Fabian stays at home to "play" with the baby. Their typical pet hijinks are made hilarious by their expressive faces and McCarty's tongue-in-cheek narration: The follow-up to this Caldecott Honor book is Fabian Escapes, in which Fabian has his own day out. While we haven't yet seen any official Hondos or Fabians, our store favorite plush brand Jellycat has some snuggable dudes who'd be happy to read along with you! Their pear-shaped, bottom-heavy bodies make for great comfort-cuddling on grey days and great reading companions any day.

Bookseller Miruna has delcared Russ's "Misty Bichon Frise" the Dog of the Day... every day for several weeks running.

While she knows her son (and store mascot baby) Luca is even more huggable -- and will hug back! -- she wanted me to blog about D.o.t.D. Misty to immortalize his cuteness factor.

One more choice for the puppy-impaired: when you can't have a puppy, at least you can have a...

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