Sunday, March 29, 2009

What Rachel Wants to Buy This Week - Episode 3

Welcome back to another thrilling episode! This week I've got partying on the brain--the kind of party that's lousy with cupcakes.

Mermaids cupcake decoration pack and Dinosaur Roar cupcake decoration pack by Meri Meri
Located on the Features table

Each pack of these awesome papercraft cupcake decorating kits will accommodate 24 cupcakes--that's a lot of sugar (or a really big party)! The best part of the Mermaids kit is the cups. They're decorated with cute starfish, crabs and shells, and have a wave motif at the edges. The lovely mermaids themselves have a nice variety of hair colors, so these cupcakes can be semi-personalized! The dinosaurs have cool origami-paper-like designs on them, the coolest being the T-Rex's chain link fence print, and the Stegosaurus' polka dots matches one of the cup designs delightfully. Between the two sets, you've got an awesome party for 48 friends...or just for you, if you're really hungry. Yum.

See you next week--same danger time, same danger station.

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