Monday, January 18, 2010

Staff Pick Buffet Table

We've piled up a few staff picks since you've heard from us... Enjoy the buffet today!

Nation by Terry Pratchett
Bookseller: Michelle
Genre: adventure, survival story
Suggested reading level: ages 12 up

A tsunami destroys Mau's entire world and shipwrecks a young Victorian girl on his tropical island. Together with other refugees, they rebuild a community -- questioning everything they once knew while battling disease, pirates, and the gods themselves. This may be Pratchett's best book yet - full of action, humor, and thought-provoking questions.

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams
Bookseller: Natasha
Genre: contemporary realistic fiction
Suggested reading level: Teen

Kyra is 13, has a crush on the boy next door and helps with lots of housework. But that's because she has 15 siblings, and lives on a Mormon polygamist compound. When their Prophet has a vision that she's supposed to marry her 60 year old uncle, she has to find a way out...VERY suspenseful!

The Adoration of Jenna Fox by Mary E. Pearson
Bookseller: Taylor
Genre: general fiction with some futuristic elements
Suggested reading level: ages 14 up

How far would your parents go to save your life? And would you want them to do so if it meant that the life you're left with can never be like your previous one? Don't be fooled by the generous white space; this fast-paced psychological read will have you questioning everything, from the nature of familial love to the future of medicine and bioethics.

Binky the Space Cat by Ashley Spires
Bookseller: Natasha
Genre: graphic novel, animals
Suggested reading level: ages 7 up

Binky the housecat is on a special, ultra-secret mission to become a full-fledged Space Cat. His plan is to make it to space with his humans, to protect them from Earthling insects. This is a really funny story with great illustrations. Action, adventure, and space-traveling cats, what more could anyone want?

Tangled by Carolyn Mackler
Bookseller: Michelle
Genre: realistic fiction, fans of John Green or Criss Cross
Suggested reading level: ages 13 up

Where else but in a Mackler book can you find new love lying on the floor of the Children's Museum's butterfly exhibit, or rebuilding porch stairs? Paradise, a resort in the Caribbean, interwines the lives of four teens, (brothers, cousins, friends, lovers), changing them forever.

Houndsley and Catina by James Howe, illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay
Bookseller: Katie
Genre: friendship tales, early reader
Suggested reading level: ages 6-7

Catina is writing a 74-chapter novel entitled Life Through the Eyes of a Cat. Houndsley enters a high-stakes cooking contest. When things don't go as planned, they realize they each have a more important talent: being a great friend. The soft, plump watercolor shapes make the two even more lovable.

Kit's Wilderness by David Almond
Bookseller: Miruna
Genre: magical realism
Suggested reading level: ages 12 up

The Watsons move back to Stoneygate to care for Kit's grandfather. Here Kit meets John Askew, a dangerous boy who teaches Kit the game called Death. A novel full of suspense, mystery, and magic. Probably my favorite book in the store. ENJOY!!!

Ash by Malinda Lo
Bookseller: Rachel
Genre: fairy tale retelling, fantasy, queer
Suggested reading level: ages 13 up

Ash is alone in the world; her parents are dead, her stepmother is cruel, and her only solace is a mysterious and beautiful stranger who walks with her in the Wood. That is, until she meets Kaisa, the King's Huntress. Now she must find a way to fulfill a bargain without betraying her heart. Cinderella as never before.

The Underneath by Kathi Applet, illustrated by David Small
Bookseller: Katie
Genre: animal fantasy, mythology-inspired
Suggested reading level: ages 10 up

Two orphaned kittens, an old hound dog, and a few magical creatures take on one meaner-than-dirt man in the deep bayou. Folksy narration and archetypal characters add a larger-than-life feel to this animal adventure, so you'll marvel at the intricate weaving of legends while you reach for tissues.

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