Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You make walls crawl, Jack!

Halloween is fast approaching and we're covered in sticky cobwebs, bloodshot eyeballs, pointy witch hats, and...lots of glitter! Whether you need a whole costume (doctor? fire chief?) or just a few pieces to finish your kids' look (green face paint? Roman helmet? Witch shoe covers?) - we have all the tools to make this Halloween the most curiously spooky yet!

We have an abundance of people outfits from Melissa & Doug: kids can be a police officer, doctor, veterinarian, construction worker, or train conductor. These full outfits come with shirt or coat, hats, and the best part of all - the whistles, stethoscopes, and other tools.

For more character fun, we have pirate and knight costumes from Puppet Workshop, which come with a full outfit of vest, bandana and boots or chain-mail and a bejeweled sword.

Our most popular costumes, of course, are those of Curious George, from Rubies. We've been counting down the days until these arrived and they're going fast like Sweet cupcakes next door. George comes in infant and toddler sizes, and can be accompanied by an adult Man in the Yellow Hat.

For the fidgety toddler, puppy, or the co-ed in a rush, we have myriad costume hats. From Elope's toddler hats, we have the adorable Acorn Fairy Hat, the famous hat of Cat in the Hat, and Tweedledee's Beanie, as well as a Roman warrior helmet (with fluffy red plume!), a royal King's Crown, and Woodstock's Three-Cornered Colonial Hat with a Wig Ponytail (all you need is a cherry tree or a horse).

From Forum we also have other small pieces to polish off any outfit, from pointy ears for Elvish Legolas, witch shoe covers for a Wicked lover, or the classic clown nose or bald wig (because who doesn't love an oxymoron?).

My favorite accessory for costume building is face paint! We have a variety of individual makeup from Forum (in green, white, and black), Alex multi-color packs, or the kit from Klutz, for some excellent pointers on everything from fairy faces to vampires.

Tricks and Treats
In addition to filling out your costumes, we can also supply you your trick-or-treating bags, and help fill them up (though you may have to go to our neighbor Hidden Sweets if you want more candy filler). I won't taunt you (too much) about the color-your-own bags we've already sold out of, but we do still have some great glow-in-the-dark tote bags from Two's Company, and sets of miniature treat bags for parties.

Finding goodies (and your kids) in the dark is even more fun with Fright Lights from Jeannies, Glow Wands from Ganz, or Melissa and Doug's Blaze Firefly or Blossom Bright flashlights.

Don't forget the icky, creepy, spooky toys, too: what goodie bag is complete without a flashing eyeball pen, light up Frankenstein pins, skull lanyards, or eyeball or bat bracelets?...Though I do call dibs on the Frankenstein pin - cranky Franky, I call him. And the books! We've got autumnal or Halloweeny books, with plenty of vamps, squirrels, werewolves, and raccoons to sate any fall-lover's book love.

Of course, you don't need to stick to the straight black and orange path, you can fill your goodie bags with whatever Schleich horses, mini Legos or bead sets you like.

Once you're all dolled up, don't forget to swing by the store on Friday the 30th for our Curious George goes to a Graveyard party!! We're extending our hours until 8 pm for the frightening festivities.

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