Saturday, October 10, 2009

What Rachel Wants to Buy This Week - Episode 24

After spending last Saturday at NEIBA in Connecticut, I'm back with more enthusiasm than ever! There's lots of great stuff I want to buy this week, so I'll try to narrow it down to the best.

Children's Ukulele by Woodstock
Located in the Music corner

This ukulele is a great choice for anyone who wants to learn an instrument. It's small (3/4 standard size), light, and is easy to learn. It comes with a pick, a songbook and illustrated instructions, so you can start learning songs right away! What appeals to me is that ukuleles have only four strings--much easier for me to attempt than a guitar, on which I can play one song badly. :)

Bookmaking Kit by Artterro
Ages 8+
Located downstairs in the Chapter Book Room

Artterro has a bunch of great kits/craft materials sets, but this one appeals to me the most. It includes handmade paper, thread and needles, and instructions/ideas for making your own little books. The paper is beautiful and plentiful (and all post-consumer recycled), making this a great kit for crafty folks who like to make things but don't necessarily know how to do it from scratch.

Tune in next week for more cool stuff I want to buy! See you then.

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