Saturday, September 26, 2009

What Rachel Wants to Buy This Week - Episode 23

New stuff for fall just keeps coming in, and this week is no exception! Here are the things I want to buy this time around:

Purple Night Owl Sillo Purse by Douglas
Located around the Hut

I love the fact that owls are in right now--owl stuff is inevitably cute or cool or both--and this plush purse from Douglas is just along the right line! It's uniquely shaped, being long and thin rather than wide, and it's fantastically colorful. The sweet heart-shaped eyes and multitude of polka dots pretty much guarantee my approval! It's got a soft strap and zip closure, and whoooo could resist those floppy wings? We've also got tabby cat-shaped purses in the same line, for all the feline fans.

Acorn Fairy Hat by Cranium Costumes
Located around the Hut

It wouldn't be fall without acorns, and this is the perfect headgear for acorn hunting! With sturdy felt outsides, a cute little stem and a handy clear elastic strap, the Acorn Fairy Hat could be a Halloween costume, Thanksgiving dinner couture, or a really fanciful fall-themed yarmulke for Sukkot. The possibilities are endless. FYI, the girl in the photo isn't me, but I think I'd have a similar expression if I were wearing an acorn on my head--but maybe with a little more delight. :)

That's it for this week. Tune in next week for more cool stuff I want to buy!

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