Saturday, September 19, 2009

What Rachel Wants to Buy This Week - Episode 22

There are so many new things in the store lately, and so many older things that I haven't had a chance to post about! How will I ever choose? Still, as I think about it, some things jump out at me. Here's a few of them!

Pairs in Pears and Appletters by Bananagrams
$17.95 each
Located downstairs in the Chapter Book Room

If you like Bananagrams, you'll love these new games from the same company. Pairs in Pears uses four different alphabets of letters, challenging the players to not only make words with their tiles, but also match the letter styles within each word. Appletters uses the first and last letters of words as connecting points for new words, making long chains of gameplay. Each game comes packed in a bag shaped like its respective fruit--a veritable cornucopia of wordy fun! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Color On! Under the Sea Coloring Roll by Great Explorations
Located downstairs in the Art Room

When I was a kid I had a little wooden frame that fit long rolls of seemingly endless paper. The endlessness of it, the way you could make a huge panoramic picture, had huge appeal. This coloring roll is based on the same principle--unroll a ten-foot undersea scene, and you've got a coloring challenge to occupy any number of crayon-wielders for a while!

Deluxe Kitchen Set by Melissa and Doug
See a model in our window display!

I spent quite a lot of time earlier this week helping to assemble our model of this set, and it's pretty astonishing. Approximately 3.5' tall by 3.5' wide, this wooden kitchen has working cabinet doors, knobs and faucet that turn, a spinning turntable in the microwave, and adorable graphics. I'm quite in awe of it, and I wish I had space for it in my real kitchen--how meta would that be? Just stock it full of cute toy food and cookbooks, and you've got a kitchen-happy kid's dream fulfilled.

That's all for now--see you next time for more fun stuff!


Anonymous said...

Th picture that you have showing Appletters by BANANAGRAMS is actually of a picture of the Scrabble Apple. FYI the scrabble apple doesn't hold a flame to Appletters! I've played both, and Appletters blows scrabble apple out of the water!

Katie said...

Oops, you're right! It's all fixed now -- thanks for the tip.