Tuesday, February 17, 2009

She likes us! She really likes us.

Saturday's valentine reading lovefest was a hit! My favorite guest was this little girl in a giant pink coat who asked me, "Is Grace Lin here yet?" She'd apparently been practicing drawing the dog from Year of the Dog, and was excited for a drawing lesson from the author herself! Mary Brigid Barrett had postcards kids could fill out to send to the President to go along with Our White House: Looking In, Looking Out, Nancy Viau brought rocks and egg cartons to demonstrate how to start a rock collection like Sam's in Samantha Hansen Has Rocks In Her Head, and Laya Steinberg had word and picture searches as in her books Thesaurus Rex and All Around Me I See. Thanks to all the authors, illustrators, editors (et al) and the folks at IndieBound who orchestrated Kids Heart Authors Day, and to everybody who came out for it!

In addition to being one of our honored authors for Kids Heart Authors Day, Miss Lin also wrote an incredibly sweet bit about the store, and her time working here, over at the Blue Rose Girls blog. I won't spoil her eloquence or sweetness, I will merely leave you with the title: "The bookstore that changed my life." (Melt.)

Remember my hint last week about the e-newsletter Daily Candy? The article about Ruth Gordon's Potty Caddy is up now, and you can read it right here, along with other bathroom tips, products, and recommendations. And of course, you can always come in and check out the caddy itself right in our baby room's potty section.

Good news on the George T-shirt front! It is still very sad that we can longer get the old shirts (So many adults still ask for the ether shirt), but we have new ones with the PBS Kids Curious George on them, in those much-asked for toddler sizes. The yellow "Big City Fire Dept" depicts George carrying a big firefighter's helmet. The other shirt is pale blue featuring a full color George with an outline of George's face as the background. Both shirts come in sizes 2 T through 4 T (subject to availability). Curious George shirts can be found in the chapter book room downstairs, with other youth shirts from the PBS Kids series, the few that remain from other lines (Music Monkey, Teacher's Pet, to name a few) and yellow George raincoats in infant sizes. You can also order them from the store's website.

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