Thursday, February 12, 2009

Candies of All Kinds

I have overheard from a little bird that Daily Candy, a free e-mail newsletter and website, may feature a potty-training product we carry in their Kids edition next week. Even if potty-training advice isn't what you need right now, check out their helpful blog--it covers all the latest, hottest, and handiest in kids' products, fashion, food and kid-friendly restaurants. There is a general Kids Everywhere weekly edition, but also a Kids Boston, featuring local finds and hidden gems.

It was a rough two weeks there without Greg and Rowley, but The Last Straw, the third installment in Jeff Kinney's hilarious Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is back in and in pride of place in the chapter book room. Just in time for your young valentine...

The store set-up has been undergoing a few switcheroos lately! I think one of the most successful alterations has been putting American Girl character books, kits, and guides on a spinner next to the bench display of the craft sets. Collectors can find the new girl Chrissa's books here. There is so much to look at and play with everywhere, we hope that the changes will make finding exactly what you need that much easier. Of course, if there's a particular something you can't find, we're happy to offer alternative suggestions or special order it for you!

Lastly-- you only have two days left to get a Cupid's bow and arrow and a pink plush monkey to capture your little love's heart, so come on over or give us a call! Still searching for the perfect gift? Check out Katie's post for some ideas.

Don't forget--(how could you with my plugs for it inundating the internet?)--Saturday is Kids Heart Authors Day! Over 40 independent bookstores and more than 160 authors and illustrators across New England are participating in this event to celebrate reading. We will be hosting authors Grace Lin, Nancy Viau, Laya Steinberg, and Mary Brigid Barrett, who will answering questions about writing, signing books, and leading activities. The event starts at 10 am and goes until noon. We hope to see you there!

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