Sunday, January 30, 2011

Different Looks for Different Books

We here at the George have major book-crushes on the Penguin hardcover classics that have recently been released. Taking motifs from the story, the books are repackaged in a fresh, thematic and beautiful way that makes a great gift, or a nice edition to a long-lasting library. They sell for $20 each.

For another "novel" re-imagining of a beloved book represented in this series, even Mass native Louisa May Alcott couldn't avoid the "... and Zombies" treatment with the recent publication of Little Women and Werewolves.

My favorite in the Penguin series is Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë. For a video-re-imagining of the whole Brontë clan, Reader, watch this video.

And while we're in the realm of re-imagined covers for classics, one really should check out graphic designer M. S. Corley's Penguin-ized versions of the Harry Potter books. Unfortunately Scholastic has exclusive rights to publishing all things Harry Potter (I bet there's an unemployed editor previously of Penguin kicking him or herself over this rejection) so these covers will never see the shelves of a bookstore. But a Penguin fangirl can dream, can't she...

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