Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kid at Heart: Game Night edition!

It's getting cold out there folks. Sweaters and scarves have officially made their way out of closets, light fall coats traded in for heavy jackets. I've even seen some gloves and hats starting to come out--worth noting on my weather hardened New England peers. So it should surprise no one that lately I've been noticing a lot more of my pals opting for a quiet night in, watching movies or playing games, rather than going out, walking around, and exploring the city.

So in the spirit of staying in and keeping cozy, allow me to shed a light on some of the nifty board games we've got downstairs in our chapter book room right now. We've got loads of grown up friendly classics sure to entertain, like Monopoly, Risk, and my personal favorite, Scrabble. But if you're pulling an all out game night with your pals, why not indulge in some of the sillier games of childhood while you're at it? I can't think of a single soul who hasn't enjoyed the nervous thrill of Operation (and the inevitable jolts and giggle fits that go along with that buzz of failure when you slip up mid-removal. The new version has nifty new sound effects too!). And if you prefer your game night a little more active, we've got Twister, a sure bet to get you and your friends up on your feet (and then possibly right back down again on the floor!) And if you're rushing home in the cold and don't want to be bogged down with a lot of big bags, we've got bunches of Bananagrams ready for picking. They pack all of the linguistic fun of scrabble, but in a convenient size that fits in a purse or a satchel, and with a silly banana inspired package. So go ahead, pop some popcorn, slip into some thick fuzzy socks, and hunker down with your buds for some indoor fun.

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