Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kid at Heart: Night Owl Sleeping Mask

First of all, a quick introduction...I'm Morgan, one of the newer monkeys in this hut, and I've been lucky enough to be hanging around this crazy crowd for the past three months or so, playing, learning, and of course, reading. I'm also, as of this very moment, the newest blogger on Notes from the Hut....::WILD APPLAUSE FOR THE NEW BLOGGER::
Anyway. One of the things I have noticed more than anything else these past several months at Curious George is the sheer, wide eyed wonder that I see from kids young and old when they first discover the shop...and I emphasize young and old, because there is nothing quite like the look on the face of a grown up who walks into Curious George and re-discovers some much beloved toy from their childhood, or even something brand new that makes them feel like a kid again. So with that idea in mind, I'm making it my business to shine a light every week on some wonderful toy, book, or trinket that was created with kids in mind...but that grown up kids will love for themselves too!

This week, the Night Owl Sleeping Masks brought to us by Two's Company. Sure, they're sweet and whimsical enough for young monkeys in need of a nap. But with a variety of colors, an adorable, hand stitched look, and a squishy soft texture gentle enough for even the weariest peepers, these masks would be perfect for grown ups looking to catch a few Z's on a red eye flight, or just to block out the lights of the city for restful night's sleep. And with a soft elastic band and generous size, these masks are a perfect fit for noggins large and small.

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