Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Guess who's back...Georgie's back...

Hello again! Have you missed us? We're sorry we've been a bit slack on our blogging of late - but Santa's day has finally come (only 360 days until the next one...) and we no longer need to crowd-surf to the baby room! We'll be back in full bloggy glory by 2010, with book reviews, toy recommendations, wish-lists, internet links, book-to-movie adaptation news, and your regular old monkey business.

In the meantime, GUESS WHAT!! (Imagine us jumping and clapping our hands in glee, that's how awesome this news is). George plush is BACK! George in various sizes, in his yellow or red shirts, George wearing the yellow hat, George in pajamas. Ahh, the wonder of snuggly monkeys - I don't think we've ever been more happy to see our smiling Fed Ex friend, than when he's carting in Georgies! Unfortunately, we are still waiting on the 16", 26", and travel playset, but I hear that those are on their way soon as well.

Don't forget our Christmas sale, either: All Christmas merchandise is 30% off - so gather up those Rudolph ornaments, Himalayan stockings, or mini tinsel trees you were eyeing last month!

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