Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hot off the press: the Coraline graphic novel, new Warriors, and lots more!

We've been impatiently awaiting the Coraline graphic novel for months, and we're thrilled to say that it's arrived at last! While it's hard to beat Dave McKean's original images for sheer creepy-crawliness, P. Craig Russell has done an amazing job adapting author Neil Gaiman's text to a sequential art format. We love Coraline's feline companion, whose dry humor is eloquently captured in Russell's illustrations. Look for the hardcover edition on the chapter book room new titles display and in the graphic novel section.

Erin Hunter's immensely popular Warriors series continues with the next installment of Power of Three in September. (In case you missed Outcast, the third in the Power of Three saga, hit our shelves a few weeks ago.) Never fear -- two new Hunter books will tide you over until fall! Cats of the Clans, a beautifully illustrated companion to the Warriors novels, provides clan legend and lore. The Quest Begins is the first in a brand-new series called Seekers. This new series will follow the journeys of three young bears who find their separate paths converging towards a frightening future.

It seems authors (and their publishers) are well-prepared for series summer reading needs. The latest arrivals:
Kate Thompson's The Last of the High Kings (sequel to The New Policeman)
D.J. MacHale's Raven Rise (book nine in the Pendragon series)
Michael Scott's The Magician (book two in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series)
John Flanagan's The Battle for Scandia (book four in The Ranger's Apprentice series)

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