Saturday, May 24, 2008

Pow! Bam! Holy superhero stuff, Batman!

After posting yesterday's Gaiman geekfest, we'll spare you a play-by-play of Neil's lecture last night. However, the three CG staffers in attendance were pleased to hear him discuss his writing for children at length, saying that of all his work, he most encourages readers to check out his kids' books.

At any rate, all the "golden age of comics" talk from last night's event has given us a new appreciation for the legends of Marvel and DC. If you're a fan as well, come into the George and get your superhero fix!

Learn all about the Marvel Universe with the Amazing Spiderman Pop-Up or the Marvel Ultimate Sticker Collection. If DC is more your thing, check out the brand-new picture book Batman: The Story of the Dark Knight.

Send correspondence in super style with Catwoman, Spiderman, and Superman folding stationery, or keep your secret identity a secret in a Spiderman or Superman journal.

Aspiring comics artists can learn to draw Marvel characters with the Klutz set, including instructions, tracing paper, pencil, eraser, and markers. Better yet, write your own comic books with a Make-Your-Own-Comics Curiosity Kit. They provide colored pencils and booklets with blank frames, and you provide the action.

No hero would be complete without a super ensemble. Klutz comes to the rescue again with the Superhero Starter Kit (a cape, masks, and all the other accoutrement you need to create your own superhero outfit) -- or show everyone your superpower is curiosity with a "Super Curious" George adult t-shirt!

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